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Scout Fair Coupon Books

Coupon Books are a major fund raiser for our Troop every year.  Each book costs $10 and contains hundreds of dollars in coupons/savings.  Our scouts have always done a great job in selling the books and have enjoyed the experience.
We ask that each scout do their best to sell a minimum of 15 books.  All cash and unsold books must be returned by the various turn-in-dates (to be provided).  The quicker we turn in money, the greater concession our Troop receives.

Scouts who sell 15 coupon books will receive a patch as well as other prizes.
Many scouts find an easy and fun way to quickly sell their coupon books is to sign-up for a slot at Kroger.  Kroger is a major sponsor of the coupon books and there are many Kroger Coupons in the books.